We have been very busy!

You might realize, it’s not so difficult, that we have not updated our blog and web page in the last weeks. The reason is simple, we didn’t have time!

But this is real life: sometimes you have enough time to work in certain things: rulebooks, designs, etcetera. But sometimes, the work is increasing and increasing so it’s imposible to update news.

Finally, little by little we have some time! So you deserve an explanation about how incoming projects are going:

Super Fantasy: El Ataque de los Morrofeos (Spanish license).

We can confirm it, we have just finished to check all the Spanish material. It has been really difficult because the first Spanish versions were full of mistakes. After two weeks of constant checking and mailing filled with files with Red Glove, it seems that we have a definitive version including all the material (rulebook, Heroes, Objects, etc) perfectly designed into Spanish.

Therefore, the beginning of production is really close… Yeah!

Super Fantasy Portada castellano

15 Días: The Spanish Golden Age.

We already have definitive rules in Spanish and an English proposal. It’s predicatble that these rules don’t change or they would change only a bit, so we can begin with the first rulebook designs and that they could fit in the manufacturing requirements we have (it isn’t going to be easy, but we’ll do it!). Keep in mind that 15 Días is a card game and it will be launched in a small box probably, so we have to write a good rulebook that fits in a small box.

Besides, you can see all the characters design made by Gonzo Bríos on facebook and twitter. We can only say that this work is looking really impressive. The idea is to include real characters from this Spanish board game scene and we have confirmed many characters. You may have seen some of them on facebook, but we have more! Many more!


Polis: Fight for the Hegemony.

In the last couple weeks, we have worked a lot of time in Polis: Fight for the Hegemony. Today, the manufacturer has all the files needed to start production. This has been possible thanks to an important checking work, in which Fran Díaz has taken part actively, because we are going to include in the new edition a new version of the rulebook, easier to read and explain than the original rulebook.

If everything goes ok, Polis: Fight for the Hegemony would be available after this Summer, in October.


Banjooli Xeet.

And if everything goes ok, we can give you a big surprise about Banjooli Xeet!

Could you guess what?

Banjooli Spiel des Suegras

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