21 Mutinies Arrr! Edition

Descripción | Description

Arrr! Such was the fierce cry that echoed in dozens of voices, whenever our boat got closer and closer to the rail of our victims.

You may think that this was an average pirate boat, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Santa Marta, an old frigate of the Royal Spanish Armada, was a legendary ship, but not due to an admirable or courageous captain – oh no. On the contrary, the Santa Marta was as famous for its misgovernment as for its ferocity. Every sailor on board felt that he had a say as to which hulk to leave alone, or which one to attack , from the lowest scullion to the First Mate. And whenever our shouts and threats were not enough to persuade the others, we resorted to throwing punches .
It therefore happened quite often that the King’s vessels passed our ship, while its crew became engrossed in watching the fight that had broken out on deck. In these situations, flying fists hit their mark as well as the occasional flying bottle of rum. And when the fight finally died down, we had come to an agreement and were ready to attack, the merchant vessel had usually already disappeared in the distance. However, if the captain of the hour prevailed, there was no stopping us. Like a swarm of ferocious locusts we fell upon our prey, and we didn’t leave boom nor keel intact.

You see, our legend wasn’t based on our spectacular raids or the magnificent booty we amassed. And even if no-one throughout the Caribbean believed that it would take more than two days until we would be afloat with a broken mast, due to our chaotic ways – look at me. Here I am, with two hands and two legs, and with a story to tell… …the story of the Santa Marta.

Welcome to 21 Mutinies Arrr! Edition!


You will find inside a 21 Mutinies Arrr! Edition copy:

  • 1 board.
  • 1 rulebook in English, Spanish and German.
  • 10 discs in 5 colours.
  • 5 pawns in 5 colours.
  • 45 Mutiny cards.
  • 54 Jewel tokens.
  • 24 Treasure tokens.
  • 25 cubes.
  • 2 six sided dice.
  • 20 coins of one 1 Doubloon (silver) and 15 coins of five Doubloons (gold).
  • 2 pirate tokens.
Características | Features

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Detalles | Details
  • Creditos | Credits: Pere Pau Llistosella (Author) · Chechu Nieto and Pedro Soto (Artists) · Xavi Carrascosa and Chechu Nieto (Graphic Design)
  • Fecha | Date: December 2013

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