15 Días (Essen Preorder)

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This is the “15 Días: The Spanish Golden Age” pre-order that Asylum Games sets for the next 2014 Essen Fair (SPIEL) which is going to take place in October, from 16th to 19th.

If you make this preorder we’ll apply a 2 euros discount on the 15 Días: The Spanish Golden Age retail price, from 19.95 to 17.95 euros. This discount is not applied to shop. If you own a shop and you are interested in “15 Días” we ask you to contact us on

You only have to fill the form and preorder. ATTENTION!: We only need your personal information so we can record it for the preorder. You do not have to pay anything since payment will be effective in our booth in the Essen Fair (3-P107). The payment must be in cash (sorry, we cannot accept credit cards). We will not charge shipping* to this price since the game is picked up in the Fair. This preorder is an agreement, although we know that if you do not come to our booth, we cannot demand anything, so we only ask a little responsibility if you make the preorder.

*We see that shipping is charged to the pre-order. Don’t worry with that. We have to insist: the final price is 17.95 euros. If you have problem placing your order you can write us to and order your copy there.

We only use the information you give for the “15 Días” preorder in the Essen Fair.

For further information about “15 Días”, please, follow this link15_Dias_Cover_Asylum.

Thanks for your attention!


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