Ludivers Festival review (Girona).

Last weekend went to the Ludivers Festival in Girona. It was a long journey, from Valencia to Girona and less than a month ago after the JugarXJugar Fair in Granollers, so we decided to make a stop in Barcelona. We were going to rest in a friend’s home. She lives in Molins de Reis and life’s coincidences, the next town was Sant Vicenç dels Horts where another festival took place, the “3r Correjocs”, organised by Club Amatent.

The “3r Correjocs” was going to take place in a sports centre pavilion. It had a lot of tables, a space for soft combat, another for electric trains, another for playmobil miniatures diorama… Without any doubt, it was a good challenge because it has changed the location and dates in this year. We talked with March from club Amatent and we leave there some 21 Mutinies copies for a tournament. The atmosphere pre-event was really nice!

The next day, on Saturday, arriving late, we got going to Girona. We arrived at 11 AM.

One of the reasons to go to this festival it’s because we was born there. Although I cannot consider Catalonian, I know the city and I spent a lot of summers there and Girona is a nice and beautiful city. Besides, the festival was outdoor and it was a really strong point. Lastly, it was going to be in several and central squares of the city. So, a lot of strong points to go.

El stand de Asylum Games
However, we were in the Constitució Square and we found a bad weather combination: hot and windy. I don’t know how many times I had to pick up the board game pieces which had “flown” from the tables. At least, Pere Pau Llistosella (21 Mutinies’ author) could come!

Ambiente en Ludivers

At the evening, things went much better. Many Banjooli and 21 Mutinies Arrr! Edition games. A more bearable weather and in fact, it was getting colder. Then, I took advantage to make a small visit to a board game shop which was in the same square, because I wanted to say “hello”. That shop was “Zeppelin, un Món de Jocs” (A World of Games). There were several things that caught my attention:

First, it’s a very nice shop and it’s worth the effort to make a visit. It was settled in an old metal workshop which it still has some machines that works (as ornament, of course). It was plenty of shelves plenty of board games, puzzles, miniatures, role playing games, etcetera. It has a courtayard with a small garden and a place to make game activities. It’s a… different shop. An old shop opened in 1984.

Second, it must be one of the few shops which still has a copy of Polis: Fight for the Hegemony. I don’t want to show off. But on boardgamegeek, there are many people asking for a Polis copy and they didn’t find anyone. So that I could use that to break the ice. There it was a grown woman who asked me if she could help me, I answered that I came on behalf Asylum Games and by the way they could have a museum piece (Polis). I remember that the answer was a bit rude, like “of course, we cannot sell it”… After that she introduced her son, Jordi, I have talked with him some times via e-mail. I have to admit it, I was a bit annoyed after that rude answer.

Third, that Jordi’s mother (you could imagine, she wasn’t a young woman) knew a lot about any kind of games. It was incredible! Since then, it started a really funny three-way conversation. A new visit to the shop and an invitation to superb cherries from Girona. I have said it before, I was a bit annoyed but after 10 minutes I had forgotten it. And it’s true, a woman who knows about Magic: The Gathering. It was incredible! Very nice people.

It was time for dinner, and we met many people who took part in the Festival. Teresa from “Zas Play”, Ramsés and Teo from “Sexy”, Manu from “Brain Picnic”, Ramiro from “Reimwood”, Claudio and Albert from “Ludus Mundi”, etcetera and I remember one of the points that Girona has: all is a bit more expensive. Of course we were in the Independencia square, in the heart of Girona.

Momento de relax en plaza de la Independencia

From there to Albert’s house, a very nice guy who has a set-up game of “Chariots of Fire”. A game which tries to reproduce battles from the Antiquity, but really high Antiquity (Troy in the 1200 BC was the most modern battle). Polis is settled in the contemporary ages compared with “Charitos”. I took advantage then to talk about wargames. I like this kind of conversation to know more about this world and to know good suggestions.

And on Sunday the rain came. Unfortunately, this rain went beyond to become storm. We had to pick up everything fast! But this scared away many people. The rain passed but it became cloudy again and it didn’t look good. So we took advantage to pick up everything and go away. It was a pity but I think that we did the right thing. In fact, when we were in the car, the storm attacked again!

Rosa y el Imperio
What can we say about Ludivers? Firstly, I would recommend it only for the location. Girona could be far but if you have time I would highly recommend a visit. Although, it’s a place which could attract people from France, in fact, there were French people there. And the organization was superb all time. Obviously, there were mistakes, as always, because this was the first edition of Ludivers. Everything cannot be perfect at the first time. I can oly talk about two mistakes: dates and weather on one hand (Saturday was a day to go to the beach and this province has a lot of beautiful beaches) and on the other hand, I would join all the sponsors in only one square.

Anyway, good things were more important than bad things so… We hope to return next year!



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