Introducing “A Lion in Banjooli Xeet” Finalists ¡and a Contest!

As you may know, a lion slipped inside each Banjooli Xeet box, he was so fast and we couldn’t find any work for him, so we asked you about game proposals for the lion in this “funfrenetic” ostrich race… So we thought of this contest.

February, 3rd 2014, we chose the finalists and now we have been introducing their proposals on our blog since last week. So then we are going to compile and explain all the ideas from each finalist before chosing the winner. So, if you like any proposal, you can play with it in your Banjooli games or if you want, you can express your opinion (don’t be shy!).

These are the proposal explained to date:

- Tomás, Noelia and Rocío.

- Ian Collier.

- Sofía and Isabel Ros.

- Peter D. Clinch.

- Enric Martín.

- José Luis Tejo.

And… We want to award the People’s Choice for one of the finalists, and here it’s where you can help us! There is a prize for the participants! Read our conditions and play! It’s very easy… Here you have the link:


And the winner of the People’s Choice Award goes to…

And the winner of the Jury Award goes to…



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