REQ 2014 Review

The 2014 “Rol en Quart” (REQ) Event was celebrated the last weekend in Quart de Poblet (Valencia). Told in that way, it seems that you have to go too far, but not, if you are going to come to another REQ event, you have to know that Quart is only 5 minutes far from Valencia and well connected by underground.

Con los amigos de Sector34

With our friends from Sector34

But first of all we have to highlight the only bad thing about REQ: Heat! Unfortunately, it’s that. It’s July, Valencia and a sports centre. A really bad combination. For example, air didn’t get cooler until 10 PM. I think that it’s a constant in Spain, there are more suitable places to set up an event for sure, but they are occupied by another events. Because it would be nice if JESTA (another gaming event in November) could be set in this sports centre and REQ in the community center in which JESTA is celebrated. But, you know, it’s always about priorities (maybe they have to be revised because here it comes a lot of people).
Although someone had a good idea for the next year: to use portable air conditioning units! I hope that!

¡Qué calor!

This is hell!

Let’s talk about other things… REQ as its name implies it’s about role playing games. You can see a board on the entry full of role playing activities, both Live Action Roleplaying and the traditional one: sitting on a chair and throwing D20 dices. So, if you like role playing, this is an unavoidable event in Spain.

But there are room for board games, and there we are! In fact, we were the only sponsor focused in board games. And we were there showing board games and setting tournaments.

21 Mutinies Arrr! Edition

21 Mutinies Arrr! Edition

No doubt about Polis: Fight for the Hegemony was one of our winners. People is awaiting for the game, they knew about theme and system and they knew that a new edition is coming. Unfortunately, people who played Polis come alone, so I had to play with them. I have played more than 30 games and I could play blindfolded, and I don’t want to throw a game to cause a good impression (it’s not nice!)… However, in one game I was about to lose. I started really well with Athens and without a big problem since I hired Socrates in the first round, and I only have to maintain the status quo, keeping Sparta at bay. But the Spartan player understood my strategy in the round 5a and he started to attack again and again. He won a lot of prestige thanks to his military manoeuvres and things were bad… But he granted me the victory because he had to go. I don’t know how the game could have ended but it was a nice game!

Polis: Fight for the Hegemony

Polis: Fight for the Hegemony

We took advantage to check another games. It’s another REQ (and JESTA) strong point. Keep in mind that every gaming association in Valencia and surroundings take part: “Jocs Quart”, “Rol en Quart”, “The Roach Room” (Sedaví) and “Club Dreadnought” (which always take part cooking a good dinner for all the presents). So if someone has ended his game and he is looking for another one, he can always ask to the organization because they could set up a game.

Torneo de 21 Mutinies

21 Mutinies Tournament

On Sunday, we did the 21 Mutinies Arrr! Edition tournament, valid for our I National Championship. It was strange if you see the scoring: in general, it was a low score. Things due to non-stop mutinies and not to sell in the Black Market action. But the game longs till the end of the same event. In fact we shot the last photos in the famous REQ photocall!

Ganador del torneo de 21 Mutinies (Raúl) y Chuky (La Base Secreta)

21 Mutinies Tournament winner (Raúl) and Chuky (La Base Secreta)

And 2014 REQ finished with that. An event that is worth the effort if you like role playing games (and/or board games) and if heat isn’t your problem. But, by the way, here you have a warm and courteous association at every moment and that’s the important thing!

See you next year!

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