15 Días Pre-Order for Essen Pickup!



If  you come to the 2014 Essen Fair SPIEL, you can pick up our next release, “15 Días: The Spanish Golden Age”! And applying a discount! And you don’t have to pay anything until the Essen Fair. You would simply pay in our booth (3P107).

Interested? Don’t you know 15 Días? Maybe you may visit the 15 Días Boardgamegeek.com page and how it’s focusing many attention through Essen geeklists. It’s a game full of History; plenty of real Characters from the Spanish court in the XVII century (the Spanish Golden Age); and a really original through two phases: cooperative and competitive… Because you don’t have to forget the goal of the game: to become the new Favourite of the king or “Valido”.

If you don’t want to miss it here it’s the Pre-order link*:


*Some customers had problems with the pre-order. You can simply write to us at info@asylumgameseditorial.com asking for your copy!


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